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Poison Pill for The Third Party Inspection Industry

The Phoenix Quality Difference is our mission: to help our clients reduce or eliminate the need for third party inspection, sorting and containment.

Here are some of the high level benefits of using the Phoenix Quality program:

  • We Practice Proactive Quality

    Phoenix Quality works with customers to achieve a forward thinking Quality team within your organization. We do not wait for your organization to be placed on a CS Level 2 containment, we pre-empt the need by putting in place a robust quality inspection technology and system that prevents rather than reacts to potential issues.

  • Our Technology Helps You Stay Proactive

    After any of our assignments are completed, we can leave our E-Data Now Technology in place, already set up from our work onsite. The mobile and versatile system can aid your production and quality teams in running a lean manufacturing facility. This has been so effective that some of our clients have eliminated all sorting services within 6 months and reduced customer ppm rates by over 300% by using our E-Data Now System!

  • You Get Our Great People

    With our ZERO Temp Policy. When possible all Phoenix Quality employees are hired and trained directly by our team. If the need does arise out of necessity to use temp labor, we ensure only the best temps are used, with a detailed pre-temp screening process, and training program with shadowing by a full time Phoenix Quality team member.

  • We Show You The MUDA!

    When the Phoenix Quality Team is paired with our E-Data Now Technology, your bottom line benefits. Our technology has helped our clients see reduction in all 7 key MUDA elements from inventory overproduction to waiting for information.

  • And More!

    Like tracking corrective actions, downtime, & SPC; Visual aids like quality alerts or work instructions, and reporting capabilities with Instant I-Charts, R-Charts, X-Charts, Top 5 Failures and more; all while being 100% audit ready & ISO compliant.

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Phoenix Quality Expansion Opportunities

Phoenix Quality is a leading and proactive quality solutions company with over 10 years of expereince. As one of the profitable employers, we've certified millions of parts upon inspection in Mexico, Asia, USA and Canada.