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Phoenix Quality is pleased to announce the immediate roll-out of our revolutionary, patented E-DATA NOW! - Live Tracking System™ software product for the third party inspection quality services industry and mobile interactive live data technology.

Based on the technology developed by Phoenix Quality, with patents pending in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. The product provides significant benefits over competitive offerings, and includes integrated data capture with immediate feedback and reporting on quality anomalies and trends, while providing reduced inspection manpower and time requirements. The revolutionary level of functionality combined with ease-of-use features provides the highest consistency and flexibility for acquisition, categorization, recording and reporting of quality-related data in real-time.

Developed for integrated capture and processing of inspection data based on use of a tablet PC platform, the product allows quality inspection teams to provide real-time results to customers and customer locations.  The product provides for the inspection project with work instructions and related documentation to be downloaded to the tablet computer for quality inspection teams. Bar code and RFID functionality is incorporated, for recording any information in bar code format, rather than hand recording.  Once a quality anomaly is identified, such as a defect, a picture can be taken using integrated camera functionality of the tablet PC. That information can be instantaneously transmitted to the supplier and the customer real-time across a wireless network. Shift summaries can be instantaneously compiled and reported at the end of a quality inspection shift.   
Phoenix Quality is pleased to note that its revolutionary product, after extensive and highly successful testing, is being immediately implemented, at no additional charge, to existing customers of Phoenix Quality’s inspection services. Phoenix Quality is confident that customers’ implementation of its product and services will provide the advantages described above, and result in significant quality and cost improvements. 
Phoenix Quality is pleased to offer demonstrations of the product and technology upon request.

With strategic locations in Mexico and North America, Phoenix Quality is your ideal choice for quality systems and project support including quality engineering, supplier representation, program management, supplier sourcing and launch readiness. Our team is dedicated to providing OEM's and Suppliers with superior service, customer care and self management of all actions from the floor to finance.

We understand that cost is an issue and when you need help,you should not be taken advantage of.

If you answer YES to any of the following customer profile questions we can definitely help.

Q. Are your Asian suppliers developed to your North American/European quality system standards? If not, Phoenix will help you develop and mentor your Asian supplier base.

Q. Do your projects in Asia launch on time and on budget?...If not, our experienced Program Managers will make your next launch a complete success.

Q. Would you like to increase your supplier base in Asia?...Phoenix will find the right suppliers to match your requirements and help you evaluate your new suppliers' quality system, production line and capacity, management strength, tooling and testing capability, etc.

Q. Are you sure you are getting the best return on your investment? Phoenix has several custom options that will reduce your costs, and create a flexible quality support service that will expand and contract to suit your needs.

Q. Are you a Reactive or Proactive supplier?...Reactive is when you act when your customer tells you to, which is expensive because the customer can determine the length of sort, cost of service and may insist on a control plan audit on your site. Proactive is when you, the supplier, controls all costs!

Have you tried to use temp. labour to try and save costs but later find out that you have to sort at more of your customers?

FACT: When defects get through you are creating a reactive state.

Proverb: "You get what you pay for"

Phoenix Proactive self managed service reduces the risk of becoming reactive vs. proactive.

A High-Growth Industry
Over the next decade, the North American manufacturing industry will require more quality support than just about any other industry, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. In fact, spending on quality is expected to reach $300 million in 2010.

Align yourself with experience
Phoenix, with 10 years of experience, understands the trends and nuances of staffing and is able to guide our branches because we have been in the industry from its inception. Our company - and our industry - has stood the test of time.

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Phoenix is a leading and proactive quality solutions company with 10 years. As one of the profitable employers, we've certified millions of parts upon inspection in Mexico, Asia, USA and Canada.

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